Let's work together!

I've been working as a photographer for years - I arrange photoshoots for magazines, companies and private clients. I've published photographs in many Polish magazines, special editions, books and press banks. I've created great compositions for advertisement agencies, social events and performances. As a photographer and photo editor, I've published thousands of my own pictures in Auto Motor and Sport magazines.
As a visual artist, I hold proper qualifications significant to complete various types of design projects. I combine academic intuition with the awareness of different graphic techniques, many years of photographic experience, and skills regarding graphic softwares. I supervise my work from the initial concepts up to complete high volume release. I cooperate with publishing houses, advertisement agencies and printing houses.
I am fascinated by 3D techniques. I have mastered the technique of lenticular print and design - the only, apart from hologram, technology which enables to perceive space on a flat print. The development of internet opened plenty of new options to present oneself. I work on stereophotography, interactive panoramas, rotation photography and 360-degree videos. I use 3D models, scenes and environment in animation and movie.
Years of experience of working in a publishing house also support my editorial skills. I offer professional text preparation, proofreading service and preparation for publishment. I cooperate with editorial offices, translators, proofreaders and editors. My articles on photography and travelling can be found, among others, in such magazines as: National Geographic Traveler, Poznaj Swiat, Auto motor i sport, Motocykl.





RECENT WORK (mostly in Polish)

My projects, my memories, my inspirations.

Volkswagen T-Roc photo shooting

Kolejna zimowa sesja w Alpach dla Volkswagena. Czy można sobie wymarzyć lepszą lokalizację do zdjęć tego nowego crossovera. Pełno śniegu, czterometrowe zaspy i wymarzona...

Ferrari po Śląsku

Właśnie trzymam w ręku najnowszy numer LA SQUADRA – magazyn miłośników Ferrari. Na sześciu stronach opublikowano artykuł Romka Popkiewicza ze zdjęciami mojego autorstwa. To...

Porsche Driving Experience

Tor Silesia Ring w Kamieniu Śląskim i kilkadziesiąt Porsche gotowych do akcji. Czy można przyjemniej spędzić piątkowy poranek. Jako najemny fotograf zostałem zaproszony na...